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Zbigniew Jan Kunstman MSc. Eng.

ul. Listopadowa 67/9
43-300 Bielsko-Biała
Tel.: (+48 33) 822 44 40
Cellular phone: (+48) 788 443 902
E-mail: zjkunstman@gmail.com



An experienced Mechanical Engineer & CAD Designer, IT Specialist & Computer Programmer, Technical Author & DTP Specialist, Professional English/Polish Translator, enthusiastic and motivated with strong technical and manual abilities and good communication skills. Pointed and well organized both independent and team player with structured approach to work.



I am a highly qualified engineer and a computer scientist with a Master's Degree from the Polytechnic of Cracow. As an UNIDO fellow I studied computer science in Gesamthochschule Wuppertal (FRG). I have supplemented my education with MA in Teaching from the Polytechnic of ŁódĽ. I am an academic teacher, computer programmer and a professional English translator. I received comprehensive training in machine Computer Aided Designing (CAD) from HAN Engineering GmbH in Vienna. Having worked as a textile machine designer and a team manager I possess a thorough experience and obtained a wide range of patents in engineering. As a computer scientist I am a specialist in engineering numerical calculations. As a computer programmer I was an author of many computer programs on scientific and engineering calculation and EDP. I have translated numerous user guides, computer program documentation and Windows Helps both from English to Polish and vice-versa. As an academic teacher I taught industrial automatic systems and CAD at the Bielsko Polytechnic. I also taught English at the Adult College in Bielsko.

I am a member and Registered Expert of SIMP (Society of Mechanical Engineers) in specialties of:

I was a pioneer on computer engineering calculations and a leader of CAD Group in the Textile Machinery Development Centre "Befamatex" in Bielsko-Biała - Poland, and then an expert in this field. After achieving a wide experience, I taught teams of engineers and CAD designers.


English at proficiency level. Registered member of Technical Text Translators in Warsaw.
German, Russian, French


As a Specialist for Technical Documentation & English and German Translator I am working for Polish software company Logotec Engineering S.A. in Mysłowice, being a headquarters of the international software company - Logotec Engineering Group, where on position of Tech Writer, translator and programmer I am developing a multi-language technical documentation of the company's software products (written in Polish, English and German).

As a mechanical engineer, designer and technologist, I worked on a position of Specialist for Investigation Laboratory of TRW, a famous American company in Częstochowa, Poland, designing the test devices and arrangements at the laboratory for exercising the car safety systems (safety belts and air pillows).

As a Specialist for Documentation & English Translator, I wrote in HTML the WWW pages and documentation for newly created Internet software products, for The Polished Group S.A. - Cracow, the American-Polish Internet firm.

As IT Specialist & English Translator, I translated from Polish to English large Construction and ITT Manuals for newly created outlets of Bank ¦ląski S.A. - Head Office in Katowice, Division in Siemianowice - STAREO Project.

As a Polish/ English localizer, I worked for TopWare CD Service AG Mannheim, Division in Cracow, preparing all English versions of computer programs and games, created and developed in Poland. I developed programs, Helps and documentation:

As an engineer and programmer I had written, developed and implemented a packet of engineering computer programs for calculations of toothed wheels, gears and gear boxes, linking it to the existed CAD system for the Factory of Gear Boxes "BEFARED" - Bielsko-Biała, Poland.

As a translator, programmer and a technical writer, I had written a large user's guide for ACTIVE-CAD System for designing electronic chips, writing it directly in English. The system had been developed in Poland for the American firm of ALDEC California.

I had established my own firm: ZJK Engineering, making a computer science service for clients, mainly original computer programs, and/or engineering computations, and/or CAD projects of machines and mechanical devices. The firm can supply a specialized hardware and software, mainly CAD workstations and systems, for the clients' engineers who wanted to be trained in that field. The firm also makes the technical and scientific English translations and organizes language courses for clients.

As a Team Leader and Project Manager I had developed many computer programs for engineering numerical calculations. The programs had been written in a processor language for minicomputers, and/or coded in FORTRAN for main frames, and/or coded in Borland's Turbo Pascal for PC microcomputers - for Befama & Befamatex.

Work experience:



1993 - 2013

ZJK Engineering


Owner of the IT & CAD Company

The company’s headquarters is located in Bielsko-Biała,

Profile: CADCAM Designing in the machinery industry, Engineering calculations, Automatization, IT Systems, Software Localization, Technical, Scientifical and IT translations, Computer Graphics, DTP Edition

(Managing Director)


Engineer-technologist and Specialist at Investigation Laboratory of Automotive Safety Systems (safety belts, air pillows) at TRW Poland - Częstochowa, the Polish Division of the American company.

Apr 1999-Apr 1999

Production Engineer and Specialist for newly launched car breaking systems at TI Poland - Bundy Group, Bielsko-Biała, Poland - the Polish division of the UK company.

Sept 1998-Nov 1998

Specialist for Documentation & English Translator for newly created Internet software products at The Polished Group S.A. - Cracow, the American-Polish Internet company.



1989 - 1997

Regular Employment


Academic Teacher

Institute of Mechanics,

Subject: CAD designing of electronic chips and numerical calculations

Mechanical Department

Polytechnic of Lodz,

Branch in Bielsko-Biala

1994 - 1995

English Teacher

Continuous Teaching Centre for Adults

Bielsko-Biala, Poland

1975 - 1976

Senior Assistant and Academic Teacher

Subject: Exercises on Theoretical Mechanics

Polytechnic of Lodz, Branch in Bielsko-Biala

1964 - 1996

Chief of Electronic Computing Office and CAD Team Leader    

Design Division of

Textile Machinery Development Centre

„Befamatex”, Bielsko-Biala, Poland


Machine Assembly and Service Manager

at BEFAMA customers and ITMA international textile machinery exhibitions


Senior Designer & Team Manager

designing the woollen card sets at Textile Machinery Factory „Befama”,

Bielsko-Biala, Poland

1961 – 1964

Engineer Designer

Technological Division of Metal Factory, Bielsko-Biala





MA in Teaching
The Polytechnic of ŁódĽ


Comprehensive training in machine Computer Aided Designing (CAD)
(HAN CAD Software installed on HP 9000 CAD workstations)
At HAN Engineering GmbH in Vienna


UNIDO Fellowship. Individual studies of CAD programs on pattern recognition & picture transformation at the Electronic Department, Process Control Laboratory, Gesamthochschule Wuppertal (FRG)

Active part in international CAD & CAM seminar
Subject: Automatic creation of technical drawings, technical documentation and programming NC Machine Tools
At Technische Hochschule Aachen


Doctorate studies on mechanical vibrations at Polytechnic of ŁódĽ, passed the doctorate exam on economy in 1976
I did not complete this academic studies since I got engaged elsewhere


IT Courses
Subjects: Computer Science, Data Processing, Programming Languages, Computing and Optimization Methods
Warsaw, Katowice


MSc in Engineering
Specialization in Machine Tools and Technology at The Mechanical Department of Polytechnic of Cracow

Bielsko-Biała, Sunday, June 9, 2013

Zbigniew Jan Kunstman

E-mail: zjkunstman@gmail.com